Friday, April 17, 2009

50 Most Popular Blogs

In the Guardian's list of 50 most popular blogs, there is a wide range of blogs to give almost anyone a reason to enter the realm of on-line communities. The number one blog, The Huffington Post, offers reliable coverage on political issues. According to the Guardian's article, the Huffington Post changed the way the world of blogs are viewed. Its site transitioned blogging from being the "underdog" medium of expressing voices to a popular, and now widely used, news outlet.

The list includes blogs for the gossip obsessed with Perezhilton to the nature enthusiasts with Treehugger. The Guardian's compiled list gives a summary of the blog and its history. Then at the bottom there is a short, satirical line about what you won't find on the blog.

Essentially, blogs can serve whatever purpose the reader chooses. If your main priority when looking for blogs is accuracy and reliability in news then there are definitely blogs that are just that. However, if you are more interested in what the next trend in handbags is, then, there are just as many as those blogs as well. Blogs can provide good insight and perspective to almost every topic which has the ability to broaden personal views.

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